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FPRS - Prevention of Acute & Chronic Pain

Robert Gatchel, PhD (Co-Chair)

University of Texas Arlington

Robert J. Gatchel, Ph.D., ABPP supervises psychology undergraduate and graduate students, interns and psychiatry residents in clinical health psychology, and in the assessment and treatment of co-morbid mental and physical health disorders.
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David Reuben, MD (Co-Chair)

University of California Los Angeles

David Reuben, MD sustains professional interests in clinical care, education, research and administrative aspects of geriatrics, maintaining a clinical primary care practice of frail older persons and attending on inpatient and geriatric psychiatry units at UCLA.
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Roger Chou, MD

Oregon Health and Science University

Dr. Chou has completed training in internal medicine and health services research. His research expertise is in conducting systematic reviews and meta-analysis and developing clinical practice guidelines; a number of his reviews and guidelines have been in the area of chronic pain and musculoskeletal conditions.
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Simon Dagenais, DC, PhD

Pacira Pharmaceuticals

Simon Dagenais, DC, PhD is a chiropractor, epidemiologist and health economist. His main area of expertise is back pain, and has been working in acute surgical pain research for the last few years.
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Anthony Delitto, PT, PhD, FAPTA

University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Delitto's research interests include, Musculoskeletal intervention research, research in low back pain, Health services and implementation research
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Cathy Glaser

Migraine Research Foundation, IPRCC member

As a lay member of the group, I'm hesitant to call my interests an area of expertise. But I co-founded and run the nonprofit Migraine Research Foundation, which raises money to fund migraine research grants. So, I'm familiar with the headache/migraine field and would be happy to work with Andrew Hershey, who is a member of MRF's Medical Advisory Board.
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Ruth Grunau, PhD

University of British Columbia

Dr. Grunau's primary research interests include: Biobehavioural regulation, brain and neurodevelopment in premature infants and children, Long-term effects of neonatal pain on stress regulation, brain, behavior, neurodevelopment, Infant pain and stress, Parenting stress, parent-infant interaction.
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Andrew Hershey, MD, PhD, FAHS

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Dr. Hershey's clinical areas of expertise include: Headaches; migraines; neurogenetics; neurometabolic disorders. His research areas of expertise include: Epidemiology; diagnostic criteria; treatment evaluation; outcome responses; quality of life issues; pharmaceutical trials; and neurogenetics of childhood headaches.
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Gregory Hicks, PT, PhD

University of Delaware

I'm a physical therapist by training; and I have a PhD in rehabilitation science, as well as post-doctoral training in the epidemiology of aging. My funded research is focused on improving physical function in older adults with chronic pain through the development of rehabilitation interventions. I primarily study older adults with chronic spinal pain.
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Susan Horn, PhD

University of Utah

Susan Horn, PhD, is a statistician by training and has been working in health care for more than 50 years. My specialty is in designing and analyzing "practice-based evidence" studies in various clinical areas including chronic pain and may be helpful in the Cross-cutting mediators/moderators section of the Prevention Classification workgroup.
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John Licciardone, DO, MS, MBA

Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Licciardone has completed medical training in family medicine and public health/preventive medicine. His research focuses on prevention and treatment of chronic low back pain.
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Dennis Turk, PhD

University of Washington

Dr. Turk’s research has focused on the assessment and treatment of a range of chronic pain conditions (e.g., fibromyalgia, whiplash-associated disorders, headache, temporomandibular disorders), clinical trial design, comparative effectiveness research, subgroup identification and treatment matching, and coping and adaptation.
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Cathy Glaser (non-voting member)

Migraine Research Foundation

Yolanda Vallejo-Estrada, PhD (non-voting member)

NIDCR, NIH Pain Consortium

Preethi Chander, PhD (non-voting member)

NIDCR, NIH liaison