IPRCC Meeting - November 2, 2022

Conference Call

Available for public viewing via NIH Videocast.

Federal Register Notice - IPRCC Meeting November 2, 2023

Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee

November 2, 2022

Agenda - Draft 

10:00 AM:  Welcome and Introductions

Dr. Helene Langevin, Director NCCIH, Chair IPRCC

10:35 AM: Minutes June 2022 IPRCC meeting

Dr. Linda Porter, Director Office of Pain Policy and Planning, Designated Federal Official IPRCC

Review and vote on approval of the minutes IPRCC June 7, 2022

10:40 AM: Federal Updates

Dr. Friedhelm Sandbrink Acting National Program Director for Pain Management, VA representative

The VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline: Management of Opioid Therapy for Chronic Pain, including the buprenorphine for management of chronic pain recommendation (instead of full agonist opioids).

Dr. Rigoberto Roca Director Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, FDA representative

FDA Efforts to Foster Development of Non-Opioid Medications for Acute Pain Management

Dr. Elisabeth Kato Medical Officer Center for Evidence and Practice Improvement, AHRQ representative

AHRQ Updates

11:30 AM: IPRCC Federal Pain Research Strategy Overview and Progress

Linda Porter, co-chair FPRS

Progress on FPRS Research Priorities and Gaps to Consider

Rebecca Baker, Director NIH HEAL Initiative

Highlighted HEAL Contributions to FPRS

IPRCC Moderators

IPRCC Discussion of Gaps in Remaining Priority Areas

1:15 PM: Break

2:00 PM New Findings from the Pain Research Community:  NSAIDS, Benefit or Harm                  

Dr. Mary Barbe, Professor Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University

Impact of NSAIDS for Chronic Pain in Animal Models

Dr. Luda Diatchenko, Professor Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain, McGill University

Increased Risk of Pain Persistence Driven by Anti-inflammatory Treatment for Acute Pain

IPRCC Moderators

IPRCC Discussion of the Potential Impact of these Studies

3:50 PM Topics for the next meeting.  Action Items for the Committee

IPRCC Discussion of areas and efforts of interest in pain research

4:30 PM Public Comment

4:35 PM: Adjourn

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