Pain Research Advances

Selection Process for Science Advances in Pain Research

As specified by a congressional mandate, the Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee (IPRCC) was required to develop a summary of research advances supported or conducted by the federal agencies relevant to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of pain and diseases and disorders associated with pain. To address this effort, all members of the IPRCC are invited to nominate science advances, which they consider most likely to transform pain research and improve pain care. The committee collectively submits an extensive list that includes peer-reviewed manuscripts, clinical studies, and collaborative projects. Each committee member then votes on the  most significant.  For the first group of advances from 2009-2012, the committee chose by vote, a total of twenty advances, along with three ongoing population-based studies. The selected research advances are organized by research themes from the Interagency Pain Research Portfolio Ontology. They are then summarized and posted on the IPRCC website on an annual basis.

2019 Pain Research Advances
2018 Pain Research Advances
2017 Pain Research Advances
2016 Pain Research Advances
2015 Pain Research Advances
2014 Pain Research Advances
2009-2013 Pain Research Advances


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